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Install Guide


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PoolWizard installs with an easy step-by-step process that will completely customize the program to help you maintain your swimming pool water and equipment.

 The PoolWizard is customized for your pool.
Pick your pool type and your equipment!


With-in seconds of installing PoolWizard you will find that maintaining your swimming pool both chemically and mechanically has now become a simple push-button procedure. 

PoolWizard has been designed to allow the user
to navigate with simple push button ease!


PoolWizard provides simple directions and helpful troubleshooting information to aid the homeowner in making minor repairs to their pool, as well as a glossary of common pool terminology.

PoolWizard provides instructions for basic pool operation….

and information to fix some of the
more common pool problems are just a click away


Don’t know the meaning of some terminology used by the PoolWizard….

Look it up!


PoolWizard is an expert system based on over 28 years of professional pool experience and has been designed from the ground up to only require you to enter your chemical readings, and then let the power of the computer aid in determining the proper chemical needs of your pool.

Simply enter the results you obtain with your
pool water test kit and let PoolWizard do the rest!


PoolWizard has been tested to run on Windows 3.x, Windows 9x and Windows NT, Windows 200x, Windows XP as well as Windows emulators on Macintosh computers.